.......if you're talking to them - tell them you're a mate of mine!

Trakka Motorhomes

Trakka is a proud Australian family owned business who have been creating luxury motorhomes since the mid 70's. They've won a stack of awards and it's not hard to see why!

If you've often thought about owning a motorhome but never quite got there, do yourself a favour and check out the website http://www.trakka.com.au. Better still, take a visit to their showroom and have a test drive. TRAKKA motorhomes really are your motorhome away from home!

De Bortoli Wines

De Bortoli are a very proud 3rd generation Australian wine maker and have been since 1928. We are lucky to have such great wine in Australia and we are lucky to have De Bortoli. Try their fabulous craft beers too - Williams Pale Ale and Red Angus Pilsener. Take all the guesswork out of buying wine and head straight for a De Bortoli label when you're at the bottlo next.

...oh, and if you’re playing scrabble and you want to score a few extra points, put down ‘De Bortoli’ – and tell ‘em it means great wine!


Sydney Markets

If you've never been out to Flemington early in the morning (like 4am!) then you've got to do it at least once in your life - but watch out for the forklifts! Everybody's body needs fresh fruit and vegies and not only do the gang at the Sydney Markets provide us with the freshest and best of fruit, vegies and flowers, but they also have huge hearts and are very generous supporters of many charities. When it comes to fresh produce, support your local greengrocer because NO-ONE does fruit and vegies any fresher!

T-Bone Productions

The most talented team of web designers on the planet. Well what else could I say - they created this great website! Tony Hindle and his team are innovative and creative.....and fun to work with. I highly recommend them for any web based projects you have in mind. And with T-Bone, nothing is impossible. I like that.




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